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Recycled Glass Tealight Holder-Small

This tea light is both cozy and durable. This line is made from recycled glass. Provides cozy mood light and can be combined with the matching vases and smaller holder.

Product information

Material: recycled glas
Height: 7 cm | Diameter: 7 cm.

Handmade by Shivani and her colleagues in India. This unique product is handmade by dedicated craftsmen in Firozabad, the 'glass capital' of India. Like most craft traditions, glass making in India is an ancient skill. By purchasing this product, you help preserve the culture of this traditional craft. Why the glass is blue? Because it is recycled! Pieces of glass are melted together and blown into the right shape, after which the product is gradually cooled so that it does not crack. The decorative string is made of artificial leather.

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