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Bracelet - Beaded slim (gold /pink)

This handmade women’s bracelet from Mali is sturdy yet feminine, with a distinctive design. The bracelet is made from fake leather and beads. Your outfit will be complete with this bracelet!
Wide, colourful bracelet handmade by young women in Here Bugu, a community in a rural area of Mali. These women make the bracelets by hand. They do this by winding the material from old African wrap skirts, known as pagnes, around dried palm leaves. The bead pattern designed by Laura de Monchy is then threaded on top of this. It can take one entire day to make just one bracelet.
Product Information:
  • Designed by Laura de Monchy – real Dutch design!
  • Beaded bracelet 2.2 cm wide, inner diameter between 6.5 and 7 cm.
  • Available in a variety of colours and patterns.
  • The bracelets are handmade and unique, which may result in some charming imperfections. The products may therefore be a little different from those in the photo.

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