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Basket - Bucket Standing Small


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This waterhyacinth basket is made by women in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. They braid the dried stems of the water hyacinth in a traditional way. The producer gives the women the opportunity to work both at home and in the workshop. That way they have enough time for their family. This product is the result of their work and the collaboration with designer Toya Verberne. With the braiding of the dried stems, an old craft is kept alive. In addition, this work yields a fixed income for many women, so that they can support themselves independently. In collaboration with Plan International Netherlands, part of the profit is spent on their education and training for mostly young women in developing countries. You get a beautiful product, they have a better life.

Product information

Designed by Toya Verberne.
Basket made from dried stems of water hyacinth.
Available in size:
Small: diameter 29 cm, height 29 cm
The baskets are handmade and unique, which can create charming imperfections. The products may therefore differ slightly from the photo.

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