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Aspen TENCEL™ White Shirt

Every wardrobe needs a signature white shirt. It's one of the most versatile elements of a capsule wardrobe, and it's something we can't be without! Meet the Aspen shirt, the ultimate white shirt with the perfect drape, in the silkiest handwoven TENCEL? fabric. Soft to touch and beautifully relaxed, with added tailoring for a flattering shape, this crisp white shirt takes a classic style to luxurious new heights.

The fabric of this shirt is made from TENCEL? branded Lyocell fibres, an extremely eco-friendly material that comes from natural sources. Using responsibly sourced wood pulp, the closed-loop manufacturing system avoids the use of harsh chemicals and minimises any wastage in the process. Silky soft while still durable, TENCEL is one of our favourite eco fabrics to wear. When it reaches end of life, it is fully biodegradable too.

Color: Off White

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