From the founder, CEO, Eda Dumoulin Akın

Planet Hugs is taking the fast fashion industry down a gear by standing up for slow fashion. That’s why we only work with like-minded brands - those who make their clothes from sustainable materials such as hemp, Tencel, linen, and organic cotton. Clothes that are made under good, fair conditions, where civil rights, animal welfare, and our planet are valued. We all want our children to be able to enjoy the natural world in the future, right?

Planet Hugs says ‘yes!’ to slow fashion

When it comes to fashion, the average person is focused on speed and renewal. Every week, we want the newest of the new, preferably for the lowest price possible. We might not realize it, but fast fashion is doing untold damage to our planet.

There’s more to making clothing than you think. You may be surprised to know that it takes 20,000 liters (approximately 5300 gallons) of water to make one t-shirt or one pair of jeans? And every time we wash a fabric made of materials like polyester, lots of plastic microfibers are released into the ocean. All these processes have an impact on the environment. The more cheap clothing we make and sell, the more we are contributing to environmental damage.

Hug the planet, hug slow fashion

At Planet Hugs, we think sustainability is just as important as style and quality. That's why the sustainable products that you find in our webshop are timeless and contemporary: use them as the cornerstone of your wardrobe and rest assured that you'll always look stylish and on-trend.

Not just fashion but body care and homeware, too

We also provide sustainable body care and interior design products from ceramic vases and tableware to abstract paintings and natural perfume to hand and body lotion from carefully selected brands. For everyone who wants to live sustainably, Planet Hugs is the lifestyle boutique. Conscious shopping means guilt-free shopping; you can be proud of your choices. Enjoy the love and craft that has gone into these beautiful products on a daily basis.

€ 1 of every purchase goes towards a good cause

When you buy a product from Planet Hugs online, we donate € 1 of the price to IVN (Institute for the Education of Nature). This charity was founded to bring people back in touch with the planet by teaching both young and old, how important nature is. We can only make the world a better and more sustainable place together.

Do you want to have your brand be a part of Planet Hugs?

We are pro slow fashion and are prepared to stand up for Mother Nature. Are you? Then we would love to meet you! Let’s exchange ideas and discuss possible partnerships. Drop us an email, and let's talk about all the possible opportunities!
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