Let's have a look at some Sustainable Summer Essentials?

It is again that time of the year, winter clothes go away and here comes the summer clothes on the stage. Let’s have a look at this year’s sustainable summer essential pieces. These are all timeless products and year after year you can enjoy them.

Are you ready to add some new items in your closet?

That’s what this article is about: to give you inspiration and some options if you’re looking for new sustainable summer essentials.

Let’s do it!

  •       Summer Dress

A good summer dress is easy in the summer when it is hot outside. Especially when it’s made from natural and breathable materials! 

Top pick: Louizon – Dress Helwe

Mid-length, light dress, made from 100% organic cotton. It’s flattering and easy to wear. 


  •       Jumpsuit

How about a jumpsuit? Well, jumpsuits are also easy to wear and super comfortable. And like with dresses, the same things apply: look for something that will last and is made from breathable materials!

Top pick: Poppy Field The Label – Kassia Jumpsuit

This is a very cute lovely, flower print jumpsuit with long legs and a elastic belt. It’s so chic and easy at the same time.


  • Shorts

 Shorts are always handy. And this year you can easily combine them with your oversized jackets.

Top pick: Kuyichi – Black Denim Shorts


  • Linen shirt

Linen is a great natural material, ideal for the summer: it’s breathable, light, and it will keep you cool when the temperatures go up. Plus, it’s a very sustainable crop that requires less water and energy to produce than cotton and needs no pesticides. A good quality linen piece might be a bit pricy at first, but it will last you for a long time!

Top pick: EcoAlf Linen Tshirt

Made from 100% linen, this relaxed, nude t-shirt goes with anything, from jeans to shirts, or layered under a jacket. You can barely go wrong with a classic piece like this!


  • Tote bag

A trusty, good tote bag is everything! You can carry it to the beach, while exploring the city, use it as a shopping bag… The possibilities are endless! So, choose the one that will last you through all those activities and is made sustainably.

Top pick: Isidora "Trash" Logo Shopper by Markberg

I mean, while choosing a bag, why not make a statement too? This one, apart from being specious and sturdy, says “Trash can be recycled”. And indeed it can: this bag was made from recycled cotton blend!


  • Sandals

I can’t wait to jump into lighter footwear again! After a long cold and rainy weather, I am all for open shoes and sandals. But, I still want them to be made ethically and I want them to last. These are always my priorities when looking for new shoes.

Top pick: Alohas- Double Strap Camel Sandals

These sandals simply speak comfort! They are made in Spain and the brand is totally against mass production.


What are your best summer essentials ? Let us know if you want to add any other items in your bucket list.

Lots of hugs,