8 Sustainable Fashion SUMMER ESSENTIALS

Somehow, year after year, the fact that the days are getting longer still manages to surprise me! 

Even though I expect it, I always find myself in awe when the evenings are still light and warm. Every year, I feel particularly energised at this time of the year, ready to fully embrace the upcoming summer.

Are you ready too?

And what a better way to welcome the sun than with our wardrobes!

But let me stop right there: the change of season doesn’t mean that you need to buy new things. I always encourage you to wear what you have first. Yet, if you’re looking for something to add to your wardrobe, then why not make it ethical and eco-friendly too!

That’s what this article is about: to give you inspiration and some options if you’re looking for new sustainable summer essentials.

Let’s go!

  1.       Summer Dress

The easiest thing to put on, when the temperatures rise, is a good summer dress. Especially when it’s made from natural, light, and breathable materials! 

I also always go for something versatile, practical, and comfortable. After all, if I’m investing in a dress, I want to wear it as much as I can!

Top pick: Mishka Wrap Dress by People Tree

Mid-length, light wrap dress, made from 95% organic Fair Trade certified organic cotton and 5% elastane. It’s flattering and easy to wear. 


  1.       Jumpsuit

Not a big dress fan? Or you just need something else! Well, jumpsuits are also easy to wear and super comfortable. And like with dresses, the same things apply: look for something that will last and is made from breathable materials!

Top pick: Rena Striped Jumpsuit by People Tree

This is a lovely, striped jumpsuit with cropped legs and a matching belt. It’s so simple and versatile that it can go with almost any jacket, shoes, or accessories!


  1. Shorts

Time to put away the long and heavy jeans and jump into something short! Though I’m a big fan of dresses, sometimes I need something more practical, especially if I’m moving a lot. A good pair of shorts is always good to have around!

Top pick: Freymaa shorts by Armedangels

Not too long, not too short: these are just perfect length shorts, made from organic cotton. And the colour will lift up any outfit!


  1. Light denim jeans

Just in case you aren’t quite ready to let go of full-legged jeans, there’s something for you there too! I personally like a light pair of wide jeans, that gives me enough room to breathe but are still a good cover in those chilly evenings. 


Top pick: Cotton Jean Pants - Nessaa CR. Worker-Vegan-Undyed

These are undyed, wide/straight-leg jeans made from GOTS certified organic cotton. Though you can wear them the whole year round, their cream-white shade simply calls for summer!


  1. Linen shirt

Linen is a great natural material, ideal for the summer: it’s breathable, light, and it will keep you cool when the temperatures go up. Plus, it’s a very sustainable crop that requires less water and energy to produce than cotton and needs no pesticides. A good quality linen piece might be a bit pricy at first, but it will last you for a long time!

Top pick: Bailee Linen T-Shirt

Made from 100% linen, this relaxed, black t-shirt goes with anything, from jeans to shirts, or layered under a jacket. You can barely go wrong with a classic piece like this!


  1. Tote bag

A trusty, good tote bag is everything! You can carry it to the beach, while exploring the city, use it as a shopping bag… The possibilities are endless! So, choose the one that will last you through all those activities and is made sustainably.

Top pick: Isidora "Trash" Logo Shopper by Markberg

I mean, while choosing a bag, why not make a statement too? This one, apart from being specious and sturdy, says “Trash can be recycled”. And indeed it can: this bag was made from recycled cotton blend!

  1. Sandals

I can’t wait to jump into lighter footwear again! After a long cold and rainy weather, I am all for open shoes and sandals. But, I still want them to be made ethically and I want them to last. These are always my priorities when looking for new shoes.

Top pick: Black 2-Strap by Nulla Nomen

These sandals simply speak comfort! They are light and simple, will go with anything, and are handcrafted in Crete, Greece.

  1. Denim/Cotton Worker Jacket

Yes, the temperatures are going up but the evenings can still be cold. Thus a good jacket is a must! If you’re looking for a new one, this worker jacket is a classic for a reason. It’s easy to combine and can be worn through most of the year. A well worth investment!

Top pick: Cotton Jean Jacket - Skylaar - VEGAN - Undyed

Relaxed fit in undyed colour, and made from 100% organic cotton. This jacket won’t let you down!


What are summer essentials for you? I’d love to know!