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There is no planet B!

When it comes to fashion, the average person is focused on speed and renewal. Every week we want the newest of the new, preferably for the lowest price possible. But with that mindset, we are doing untold damage to our planet.

Did you know that more than 20,000 liters of water are needed to make one t-shirt or one pair of jeans? That’s the same as taking 175 baths. The more cheap clothing we make and sell, the more we are contributing to environmental damage. 

Sustainable products, lasting quality

At Planet Hugs, sustainable long-life products are at the heart of what we do. We choose products that are fairly made using sustainable and durable materials. There is simply no Planet B, and we think the next generation deserves to enjoy the natural world as much as we do. Don’t you? If so, make your shopping choices conscious ones - choose slow fashion from Planet Hugs!

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100% slow fashion

Planet Hugs is taking the fast fashion industry down a gear by standing up for slow fashion. We value fashion where people, animals, and the planet are prioritized and we love clothes made with sustainable materials, like hemp, Tencel, linen, and organic cotton. We think sustainability, style, and quality can go hand-in-hand. That’s why we make our slow fashion products timeless, easy to combine, but still chic, stylish, and smart. So, you no longer have to update your wardrobe every season.

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Natural and eco-friendly body care

Sustainable living goes further than slow fashion, of course. With natural beauty products, you’re choosing sustainably and good self-care. In our webshop, you will find natural perfumes and hand & body lotions. Take good care of yourself, or gift them to someone you love.

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Sustainable interiors

As well as environmentally friendly clothes and body care products, you can choose to complete your sustainable lifestyle with fair and sustainable products for your home. Choose from ceramic vases, tableware, and paintings. Or enhance the atmosphere with colorful cushions for the sofa.

All the products are made from recycled, sustainable, or biodegradable materials. Very often, they’re handmade, and the love and craftsmanship that has gone into them. You can surround yourself with beautiful articles that help sustain our beautiful world and share that vision by gifting them to friends.

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Our brands and partners

We work together with brands that share our vision: making great products with real attention to the planet, people, and animals - brands like Kuyichi, Lemonwise, Return to Sender, and House Raccoon.

We see our relationship with each of them not as client and seller but as partners. Together we are putting the brakes on the fast fashion industry and hope to inspire you to choose slow fashion.

€ 1 of every purchase goes to charity

Everyone needs to feel the importance and beauty of nature. That’s how we will all come to understand the necessity of a sustainable and conscious lifestyle. We get that, and so does IVN (Institute for the Education of Nature.) IVN teaches both young and old how wonderful, healthy, and important nature is. That’s why we donate €1 from every purchase to their cause.

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About Planet Hugs

Planet Hugs is standing up for a sustainable future. In our online lifestyle boutique, you will find everything you need for a sustainable lifestyle, from fashion to homeware and natural body care products.

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No brand or product is sustainable if it doesn’t pay attention to human rights, labour conditions, and community wellbeing. Things like organic cotton, recycled materials, and carbon offsetting don’t mean much if a company isn’t transparent in how and where they make their things. Because everything we produce and consume has an impact on people around the world and our choices matter...

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